Green Man Festival T-Shirt

I recently created a t-shirt design for the Green Man Festival invite design submissions to be made into one of the official t-shirts to be sold at the festival. The design guidelines were to ”summon the spirit of Green Man to come up with a truly eye-catching design that tells the world why you love the festival so much”, so I decided to use my experience of having been previously to show the location of the festival itself, which I consider to be one of its best features. Watching bands perform at the foot of the mountains, really is something special. Also, I noted that the official design branding for the festival this year is quite eye catching and vividly coloured, so I decided to style my design in a more traditional manner, but with an unusual twist in the hope to appeal to a different audience. As you can see, this design was chosen and was printed in both green and grey versions, which went down extremely well at the festival, selling out on the first day.

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