Becks Music Inspired Art Cover

Led Zeppelin III is a superb album from back when Led Zeppelin were in their untouchable period. I think Immigrant song might even be the first song of their's that I actively sought out after first hearing the dodgy cover version by Dark Angel. Taking on the cover for this was quite an intimidating prospect as the original cover by Zacron is an absolute classic and still looks great to this day. For my version, I decided to pick up on the album's inception which took place at a little Welsh cottage called Bron-Yr-Aur where Jimmy Page and Robert Plant retreated to in order to achieve a complete change of scene from the chaos of touring. I love the idea of them creating their "magic" in such humble surroundings, so I have tried to illustrate this in my cover. I've also gone for a simple, organic style to reflect the more folky, acoustic music contained on many of the album's tracks such as Gallows Pole, and with the idea of the cover being printed onto plain card as I just love the look and feel of record sleeves that are produced in this way. I just hope I've done justice to such a classic album. Design created for the Beck's Music Inspired Art 100 Cover Project

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